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Erik Adigard studied semiotics, literature and fine arts in France and in 1987 received a BFA in Graphic Design from the California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC). Adigard works mostly as a member of the design studio M.A.D., which he created with Patrica McShane. Activities include graphic design, imagery, multimedia, video and art installations. His work has been recognized for contributing new ideas in branding, print and web design, advertising and concept development to organizations such as ABC/Disney, Apple, Lotus, Microsoft, Sony and Wired Magazine. A number of these projects have been acquired by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
After producing many designs for Wired Magazineduring the mid 90's, Erik created a series of experimental interfaces for Wired Digital’s "push" channels as well as the original interfaces for Hotbot, WiredNews and others sites. Other notable projects include the complete design package for the 1999 International Design Conference in Aspen, "Architecture Must Burn," a 144 page book co-authored with Aaron Betsky, a web site commission for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art exhibit "010101, Art in Technological Times", a short documentary, "Webdreamer" which was included in international film festivals including the 2001 Sundance Film Festival and a non-linear movie script which was pre-selected for the 2001 and 2002 Sundance Film Festivals.

Adigard has exhibited design and multimedia projects in major venues such as the Venice Biennale, Lisbonne Biennale, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and the Denver Art Museum as well as other institutions. Adigard's work has been featured in publications world wide and received numerous awards, including the 1998 Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design.

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Chris Salter studied economics and philosophy at Emory University and then completed a Ph.D. in theater+computer-generated sound at Stanford University in 1997. He works on the borders between performance, new media arts, electronic composition and sound design, information architecture, interaction design and producing for new types of responsive environments and large scale, technology-based cultural projects.

He was awarded the Fulbright and Alexander von Humboldt "Bundeskanzler" grants for research/work in Germany between 1993-1995. There he worked as a directing assistant with, among others, Peter Stein and Peter Sellars (Salzburg Festival 1993-1994) and Frank Castorf (Volksbühne, Berlin 1994). His background in computer music, dramaturgy and directing also led to collaborations with William Forsythe at the Ballett Frankfurt (Eidos:Telos, 1995, Sleepers Guts, 1997). He has also collaborated with composers and sound designers Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger on a number of international exhibition projects, including interactivity direction for eHenge (Earth Center, UK. Millenium Commission 1999), interaction consulting/interface development on Sounds From the Vaults (Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, 1999) and Conflict Table (Landesausstellung, Burgenland, Austria 2000).

He co-founded the art+research organization Sponge, an interdisciplinary association of artists and researchers who are exploring the nexus of investigative art, speculative design, techno-scientific research and critical public discourse. His work with Sponge has toured internationally to venues, festivals and exhibitions as SIGGRAPH 2000, Mediaterra-Athens, Ars Electronica, the Exploratorium/San Francisco, Banff Center for the Arts and V2 and has received grants from the Daniel Langlois Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the LEF Foundation and the Creative Work Fund/Haas Foundation/San Francisco, among others.

Additionally, he has worked as a project manager, Web producer, and content developer on commercial multimedia projects for Alchemedia, McGraw Hill Home Interactive, Purple Moon/Interval Research, and others. He also does consulting on new cultural models that fuse information technologies and new aesthetic experiences. Salter is co-founder of the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival (1999, 2000) and an advisory board member-consultant to Zero|One: The Art and Technology Network of Silicon Valley.

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Matthew Biederman is a San Francisco based visual artist working with projection media in live performance settings. (more bio info to come)

Gregory Cowley is a San Francisco based visual artist working with electronic projection media and sound in live performance settings. Since 1997, he has created and performed as theTEST:project, a elaborate digital / analog spectacle that combines the low-tech beauty of projected slides with high tech computer control systems. Gregory is presently the festival director of the annual TRANSCINEMA New Media festival . He is a co-founder of 3feetofftheground, a motion graphics production studio and performance venue.

He has a long-standing working relationship with Blasthaus; the San Francisco based art and technology organization. At the moment he is working on several performance and installation projects, as well as a new gallery, venue, and studio in downtown San Francisco.